The Inevitable Travel Syndrome

14/03/2013 Travel


In today’s world of online businesses, the person who survives is not the smartest, not the most intelligent and also, not the one, who can adapt to change, it is the one, who knows to get to the best deal.

The world of air travel in India has transformed during the last decade. Travelling by an airplane is no longer limited to the elite; it is accessible to one and all, sometimes cheaper than train travel. Though Air Deccan, which opened the gates to real economy travel, is now history, thanks to Kingfisher, the revolution it started is alive and kicking. With the emergence of new era airlines such as Indigo, SpiceJet and GoAir, most people, today, consider the legacy airlines, Jet Airways and Air India, as only second running behind an aeroplane

New airlines mean new models of marketing, promotion and sales. All airlines have more or less realized that privilege travel is no longer an attractive proposition. They have therefore moved to standard consumer product promotion techniques. Such methods include discount coupons, low fare offers, EMI options, refund options, gift vouchers and even free ticket deals. We have seen most of these offers in the last six months, keeping travellers on their toes. For a traveller, it is now imperative to be proficient in searching and knowing the best deals for his travel needs. If he or she is well organized, a traveller can book his travel for a highly cost effective price.

An off shoot of deals is the inevitable travel syndrome. Not yet classified as a disorder, the inevitable travel syndrome tempts people to travel or go holidaying based on deals. Visits by many of my friends to Malaysia and Singapore based on deals of a particular airline called Air Asia, prompted me to take up a small survey. The objective was to see how many people are affected by the inevitable travel syndrome. It is by no means a conclusive survey but I managed to get to many of my friends about how offers influence their holiday plans. About 40% of them mentioned that offers influence their holiday/travel plans in one way or the other. Though it is a far-fetched extrapolation, I, to make this sound dramatic, have concluded that forty percent of internet users suffer from the inevitable travel syndrome.

For the last six months, I have been looking around to find out, if there is a phase, where no discounts are offered by airlines. Being a non online person, I was pleasantly surprised to note that coupons for travel bookings have been available every single day. This means that discount coupons are available throughout the year and any person with average intelligence, someone like me, who does not wish to throw away money, has no option but to find coupons and book tickets after assessing the deals. Considering the multiplicity of options and increasing complexity of handling the same, we have a generation of online service providers, who seek to profit out of aggregating data and providing comparisons, options and of course, consultation services. These are harbingers of the inevitable travel syndrome.

Authored by Toddy (Pen name)

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