Technology in fashion: trendy gadgets you don’t want to miss

As we move closer to using technology every waking minute – and every sleeping minute as well, as the phone refuses to die down at night – introducing a little bit of zing into your gadgets may well be a great idea. There are gadgets that look trendy anyway, and then there are some that can be made to look fashionable. Almost every consumer electronics segment has had one brand that makes its presence felt by picking form over function. So let’s just take a look at some of the trendy gadgets in the market today.

The gaming mouse: Logitech’s G300

We know you love gaming. And we know about your addiction to devices that make your gaming experience extra entertaining and convenient. Although Logitech’s G300 is not exactly what you would call a convenient mouse, what with all the myriad buttons and functions, but it sure as hell is trendy.

Logitech G300 gaming mouseThe mouse has customizable lighting, which adds considerably to the trend factor. Add to that the fact that it’s ambidextrous and has nine customizable buttons and you have a device that merges form and function.

Zebronics NITRO portable speakers

Zebronics nitro portable speakers

The Zebronics NITRO portable speakers are sure to be a hit with women. The device measures just 200 mm and looks like a woman’s clutch bag more than speakers. Don’t be misled by its size-zero, though! It’s a powerful, stylish speaker that sings quite loud. So much so that you’d love carrying it around and playing it often. But hey, if after all the playing it’s down on charge, use your mini USB cable to recharge the battery. It’s as simple as that.

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0

Skullcandy Hesh2 headphones collection

Skullcandy headsets have always been more of a fashion statement than audio gadgets. But the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 series ups the ante even for this trendy brand. While a few plain colored models are available for the audio purists out there, there are a variety of intricate graphics on various models.

The ‘textile headband’ is made to showcase SkullCandy’s original artwork and this version is a step up from its predecessor that held the same respect among consumers – but wasn’t durable enough to keep pace with the young and outgoing target market that the brand attracts.

Fashion influences technology today more than ever. Why not stay in with the times and express your style as well?

What other trendy gadgets did we miss? Tell us by leaving your comment below.

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