How to Book Your Movie Tickets Online

In an era when everything is rigged to happen instantly in a constant race against time, standing in line to get a movie ticket would definitely be the last of your priorities. And why should you?

With the internet having taken over every aspect of our lives, all your tasks can be completed online, with minimal time and effort – giving you the space to work on things that demand your immediate attention. You don’t have to weave through the traffic to reach a theatre and stand patiently in a queue to get tickets for a movie now, as you can sit at home and book your tickets through a few clicks of your mouse!


If you’re not too familiar with the web and how it works, here’s a quick guide on how to book a movie ticket online.

How to Book a Movie Ticket

Choosing Multi-Theatre versus Single Theatre

While booking a movie ticket online, it’s important to choose between specific theatre websites and multi-theatre booking websites. Most theatres these days have their own websites with a booking system, so if you prefer a more straightforward approach, all you have to do is visit the website and book the ticket.

But this will work for you only if you’re really sure about when and where you want to watch the movie. Plus, you might not get the offers and discounts that you get with multi-theatre booking websites.

On the other hand, if you’re curious about the different show timings in order to choose the right one, you should check out a multi-theatre booking website. There are popular websites like Kyazoonga, Ticketplease and BookMyShow that provide such services in India.

Step 1: Register With The Website

You’ll need to register and create an account in order to book tickets through such multi-booking websites, so this is the clear first step. You’ll need to enter details like your email ID, contact number, and assign a password for your account. Registering with the website will give you access to the many offers or coupon codes that they provide, so this is an important step to take!

Plus, you’ll also have access to your booking history.

Step 2: Enter the Specifics

Once this is done, you can specify the ‘City’ you’re living in, so that the theatres, movies, and show timings are listed out. You can filter the results by specifying the movie you want to watch, the time of the show, or the theatre.

Once you’ve found the right show that fits your requirements, you can proceed to book as many tickets as you want (most sites have an upper limit of around 10). Most websites will also allow you to choose the exact seat that you want.

 Step 3: Make the Payment

Leading websites accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, and even net banking for online transactions. If the website has an option of home delivery of tickets, there’s a chance that you can pay through cash too. You can also avail movie offers from BookMyShow and Kyazoonga to get more bang for your buck!

Once the payment is made, you’ll get a confirmation through SMS/email. If you want to cancel your ticket at some point, check the terms and conditions of the particular website, as most of them offer refunds.

Booking a movie online is extremely easy once you get the hang of it, and you’ll never set sight on a queue again!

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