Cut down your costs by ordering food online

If you eat out often, you’re bound to know what an expensive affair it can be. In addition to paying a high price for your meal, you have to shell out cash for travelling to and from the restaurant. But you don’t need to mess around in the kitchen for long hours or stick to boring or frozen meals to save on food expenses. With websites like Foodpanda, BigBite, Tasty Khana, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s and Dominos, you can get the tastiest of food delivered at your doorstep!


Why You Should Order Online

The Best Discounts Are Online

Food websites usually offer flat discounts ranging from 5% to 50% on the total bill. They have attractive cash back offers as well. Many of them list reasonably priced combo offers on various items on their menu. Places that serve pizzas and burgers often throw in a bottle of Coke or a serving of French fries with the main order too.

During popular festivals, the discounts can go as high as 80%, which means that during the holiday season, you can have delicious meals at a fraction of their original cost. Some of these websites give away coupons for garlic bread, chocolates, cakes, pastries, exotic buffets, and even movies. They also give away free beverages and mini treats on special occasions.

Pay Less To Get More

Discounts are not the only perk of ordering food online. You can even get a chance to win free recharge coupons, fancy gadgets, and other lifestyle products. Some websites like Foodpanda have tie-ups with hundreds of restaurants and other eateries, so that you are not short on the choice of cuisine. They also have hefty deals on alcohol, helping you celebrate happy hours right at home. Discounts on online payments and for mobile app users are also quite popular.


It Makes Life Easier

When you order your meals online, you’ll no longer have to worry about not finding enough time to rustle up a decent meal in time for lunch or dinner. Instead, you can catch up on your sleep, spend some quality time with your family, or take care of unfinished chores. To top it all, you don’t even need to clean up a messy kitchen counter. You can just relax on the sofa and watch a nice movie.

Now that you’re all set to start getting your meals home delivered, discount coupons like dominos, BigBite, Mc Donald’s, FoodPanda will come in real handy. Have a happy meal!

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