The kings of bling: Three online jewellery stores that get it right

26/04/2014 Jewellery


We’ve already covered how online jewellery stores have made jewellery shopping so much easier. Innovative online jewellery stores are emerging in large numbers, and your favorite jewellery brands are now on sale all at one store, saving you the headache of travelling around the city. These online stores are committed to quality and serving you well, and for your pleasure, they’re handing out discount coupons too! Here are a few that stand out.

An Indian woman wearing gold jewellery like necklace, earrings and more

Here’s our pick of online jewellery stores that bling right!


Jewelskart logo for coupons store pageThe accessories on sale at Jewelskart are precious. Many of them are diamond-studded and carefully crafted with silver and gold. There is jewellery available for both men and women, and you won’t have to break a sweat when choosing from their online catalogues. Mangalsutras for weddings, bracelets for young girls, or rings for engagements; Jewelskart meets your needs. The prices are attractive, and you can even choose to use coupons from Jewelskart to save. The jewellery is authentic and tested for quality.

Trendy Souk

Trendy Souk logo for coupon store page

Trendy Souk translates as Trendy ‘Bazaar.’ Of all the online jewellery stores, this is a great store to buy jewellery from, if staying up-to-date on the latest in fashion is your style. It provides great value for money to its customers, and has on sale products that are ‘in’ at the moment. Freshness, excitement, and value are words that one would associate with Trendy Souk. No matter which place you’re accessorizing for; Trendy Souk may just have something for you in their catalogue. Obtain discounts by using the coupons from Trendy Souk and shop for their specialty: Hyderabadi pearl jewellery.

Juvalia & You

Juvalia & You logo for coupon store page

For you, the modern woman of today, there is an exquisite collection of jewellery at Juvalia & You. It tracks international styles and trends and makes them available to you at affordable prices. Going for a party in the evening or a trendy brunch, Juvalia & You likely has what you need. The jewellery items displayed on the store website are never left untouched. They change to accommodate your dynamic tastes. And when you’re looking to shop large at Juvalia & You, use the coupons from Juvalia & You and shop like there’s no tomorrow.

Use the shopping convenience, affordable pricing when purchasing your favorite jewellery. The easy experience will keep you coming back.

What are the other online jewellery stores that get it right? Leave us your comments below.

Four Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewellery Online

27/04/2013 Jewellery


You don’t need to be fashionista to know how a dazzling pair of earrings or a classy brooch can transform your look entirely. A well-chosen piece of jewellery can brighten up any outfit in an instant. But buying jewellery is not at all easy. Going from store to store to find the right jewellery can be quite tedious. That’s where shopping from online stores like 21Diamonds(closed in India), Caratlane, Bluestone and Trendy Souk can come in handy.ring

Four Benefits of Buying Jewellery from an E-Store

The Amazing Options

The number of choices available to you on the Internet is reason enough to start shopping for jewellery online. You can find earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and every other kind of jewellery in a wide variety of designs and colours.

When you walk into a physical store, regardless of how big a selection it has, you’ll still have a limited range from which to choose. But with e-stores, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice as you can sit at home and browse through the collections of various domestic and international brands.

The Helpful Reviews

With detailed informative reviews put up by previous buyers, you can know about things like the reliability of the seller, the problems with a particular piece of jewellery, and whether there is a better deal available elsewhere on the Internet.

The Ease of Purchase

Buying jewellery online helps you find products that answer your quality requirements, no matter how exact they are. If you’re looking for a product with a particular clarity rating or a specific certification, you’re sure to find it online. This saves you the time and effort of having to scour the city for such a product or have it specially made.

The Extent of Information

Are you tired of salespeople subtly pressuring you to buy a piece of jewellery? Eliminate such problems by browsing for jewellery online, in peace. Get informative descriptions that let you know every detail about the product that you’re looking to purchase.

woman with jewellery

Many e-stores have fashion blogs that keep you updated about the latest trends in jewellery. They also provide style tips such as how to select eye-catching pieces, how to pair them with the right ensemble, and what kind of jewellery to wear on a particular occasion.

With the variety of jewellery stores that have cropped up online, you have the option of shopping by comparison, and ending up with a satisfying deal. Also, discount coupons like jewelskart can help you get attractive discounts on your purchases and avoid the quintessential hole in your wallet!