Travel Ideas for the Taurus – Scenic Locales for the Laidback Sign

If you’re a Taurean, you’re sure to be accustomed to demanding luxury and getting it, every single time. So why should your travel experiences be any different?

When you’re planning a vacation next and need to decide on a destination to visit, round up the places that are likely to indulge your Taurean nature, which is laidback and sensuous. Actually, you don’t even need to make a list because we’ve made one for you!

Three Destinations For the Perfect Taurean Vacation


No place will appeal to your love of beauty and luxury more than the vibrant city of Paris. Visit the Louvre in Paris to soak in the art and culture that Europe is synonymous with. Don’t forget to add a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, arguably the most beautiful avenue in the world, to your list of things to do in Paris. End it with the classic combo of café and croissants at one of the many cafés dotting the sidewalks in Paris. Have a candlelit dinner by the River Seine. Also, travel to the French countryside for a wonderful day trip.

Paris louvre


Sydney is a great destination for a beach holiday. Opt for a seaside resort to stay in. Visit the Bondi beach for a day of sun, sand, and beer. If you manage to rouse yourself from your relaxed state, you can sign yourself up for a surfing lesson or visit the Taronga Zoo. Take a midnight walk in the city and finish it with a delicious snack of falafel rolls at Fatima’s Lebanese restaurant.

sydney opera house

Book a seat for yourself on a cruise liner for a decadent experience. You can sunbathe, get a spa treatment, feast on a sumptuous meal, and enjoy a musical performance – all without leaving the comfort of the ship. Being waited on hand and foot does have its perks as you’ll discover while sailing the seas amidst complete luxury.


A fine meal and a finer glass of wine can relax you to no end, so Tuscany is bound to keep your taste buds happy. This scenic Italian region is known for its rich selection of food and drink. There’s nothing like a Pasta primavera or a Fettucine alfredo for a satisfying meal. Top it off with a glass of rich red wine. Be sure to lunch or dine alfresco to take in the beauty of Tuscany along with your meal.


A vacation like this definitely sounds promising, but you need to make proper travel and accommodation arrangements first.

And here’s some good news to please your economical Taurean self – booking lavish hotel suites or flying first class need not burn a hole in your pocket any more, thanks to discount coupons available online. You can choose from makemytrip, expedia, and goibibo to find the best of deals. Simply book your trip, delegate your work, pack your bags, and off you go!