Technology in fashion: trendy gadgets you don’t want to miss

As we move closer to using technology every waking minute – and every sleeping minute as well, as the phone refuses to die down at night – introducing a little bit of zing into your gadgets may well be a great idea. There are gadgets that look trendy anyway, and then there are some that can be made to look fashionable. Almost every consumer electronics segment has had one brand that makes its presence felt by picking form over function. So let’s just take a look at some of the trendy gadgets in the market today.

The gaming mouse: Logitech’s G300

We know you love gaming. And we know about your addiction to devices that make your gaming experience extra entertaining and convenient. Although Logitech’s G300 is not exactly what you would call a convenient mouse, what with all the myriad buttons and functions, but it sure as hell is trendy.

Logitech G300 gaming mouseThe mouse has customizable lighting, which adds considerably to the trend factor. Add to that the fact that it’s ambidextrous and has nine customizable buttons and you have a device that merges form and function.

Zebronics NITRO portable speakers

Zebronics nitro portable speakers

The Zebronics NITRO portable speakers are sure to be a hit with women. The device measures just 200 mm and looks like a woman’s clutch bag more than speakers. Don’t be misled by its size-zero, though! It’s a powerful, stylish speaker that sings quite loud. So much so that you’d love carrying it around and playing it often. But hey, if after all the playing it’s down on charge, use your mini USB cable to recharge the battery. It’s as simple as that.

Skullcandy Hesh 2.0

Skullcandy Hesh2 headphones collection

Skullcandy headsets have always been more of a fashion statement than audio gadgets. But the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 series ups the ante even for this trendy brand. While a few plain colored models are available for the audio purists out there, there are a variety of intricate graphics on various models.

The ‘textile headband’ is made to showcase SkullCandy’s original artwork and this version is a step up from its predecessor that held the same respect among consumers – but wasn’t durable enough to keep pace with the young and outgoing target market that the brand attracts.

Fashion influences technology today more than ever. Why not stay in with the times and express your style as well?

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Flipkart Review: A Look At India’s Most Popular Online Store

Since its establishment six years ago, Flipkart has transformed itself into one of the most popular online stores in India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the founders of the Indian e-commerce giant, have taken Flipkart from an online book store to a diversified e-store that currently also offers electronic goods and a variety of other products. So what is it that has made Flipkart a household name among modern Indian consumers? Our Flipkart review reveals the secrets of Flipkart’s success.

flipkart logo for coupons blog

Flipkart Review: An Introduction To The Company

Flipkart was founded by two ex-Amazon employees in 2007 as India’s answer to The site is today acknowledged as the largest online bookstore in India with over 11 million titles for customers to choose from. Flipkart was initially funded by the founders with a capital of INR 4 lakhs, but the company has since raised millions of dollars in funding from various venture capitalists like Accel India and Tiger Global. Flipkart currently employs over 4500 people, and plans to have a turnover of INR 4500 crore by 2015.

Multiple Payment Methods Wins Hands Down

So what has Flipkart done right and why is the store so popular in a country where e-commerce is a relatively new concept? Over 60% of Flipkart’s sales are through cash on delivery or card on delivery. The company took the Indian e-commerce market by storm by offering convenient payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking, and cash on delivery. Flipkart took things further by offering special services like e-gift voucher and card swipe on delivery.

Strategic Marketing, Discounts Coupons And Great Logistics

flipkart delivery package showing two boxes

The real secret behind Flipkart’s immense success is however the store’s aggressive marketing strategies and great discount deals. Flipkart started off with deals on books and soon began offering deals on electronics, amongst various. We at Klypy work hard to provide a daily listing of the latest deals on flipkart. Do also check out our article on the top Flipkart deals and start using them to get discounts.

Flipkart is also very popular for its logistics. It has one of the finest warehouses and logistics teams in India and is known for delivering products in the promised time.

This Flipkart review proves that e-commerce is set to change the shopping experience of Indian consumers. Flipkart has done well to capitalize on the immense potential of the Indian market. What remains to be seen is whether other companies will be able to emulate Flipkart’s success.

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The Top Three Online Electronics Stores In India

Shopping for electronics online comes with its own set of advantages, and the most important one is the fact that it’s hassle-free and extremely easy. Imagine trying to buy a mobile the old fashioned way – you’ll need to spend time weaving through traffic and visit multiple stores to check out their deals and offers. But thanks to the rise of online electronics stores, you can now do all this and more through a simple click of the mouse.

Online electronics stores have an extensive collection of gadgets, and you can specify exactly what you’re looking for (specifications-wise) to zero in on the right product. You can even compare two products that you like, to objectively decide which product is better and make an informed buying decision.

Here are three online electronics stores in India that can solve all your shopping needs!

The Three Best Online Electronics Stores


The big daddy of all Indian ecommerce stores, Flipkart is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to buying gadgets. This store has a wide collection of electronics, including tablets, mobiles, laptops, computer accessories, speakers, MP3 Players, and cameras. The products are all sorted as per their brand and as per their specifications, so it’s easier to hunt for a product that suits your needs!


You can even choose accessories like headphones, memory cards, external hard drives and graphic cards through this online store. What’s more, you can avail great discounts and deals through Flipkart and gift cards!

Indiatimes Shopping

When it comes to an extensive electronics catalogue, Indiatimes Shopping ranks right among the top websites. If you’re looking for a mobile phone, this online store allows you to choose from a well stocked collection of Android phones, Windows phones, smartphones, Dual SIM phones, and CDMA phones, with a little something for every buyer. The shop also has a wide variety of essential home appliances like blenders and electric kettles, apart from car accessories, navigation devices, and audio/video systems.

indIndiatimes Shopping logo

You can even make shopping lighter on your wallet by using coupons from Indiatimes Shopping and availing their special discounts!


If you’re looking for a single destination that houses everything ranging from mobiles and tablets to consumer electronics and home appliances, Tradus is the right place for you.

Tradus logo

This online store promises a money-back guarantee and return policy with all its products, so you can go ahead and shop for electronics without worrying about the quality of the delivery. The store stocks digital cameras, DSLRs, GSM phones, multi-SIM phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, computer accessories, and so much more. With our hand picked free Tradus coupons, you can save money during your shopping spree by just entering the coupon codes during the billing process.

If you love your gadgets, you’re sure to love the variety that these websites offer, not to mention the highly efficient home delivery system. Your order will reach your doorstep before you know it, so go ahead and buy your electronics online!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Shop For Electronics Online

With the sudden ecommerce boom that’s taking over the country, shopping has entirely been redefined for the better. Today’s consumers are spoilt for choice, as there are countless websites out on the web trying to provide the best deal to attract more eyeballs.

Sure, you might have been picking up books from ecommerce sites, but can you make a bigger investment online? If you find yourself thinking twice before buying gadgets online – you’re not alone. But there are a lot of advantages that you can reap through online gadget shopping, right from availing discount coupon codes to many others – here they are!

Electronics Shopping

Five Reasons to Buy Electronics Online

Wider Range Of Choices

Ecommerce stores have extensive catalogues, so your choices while shopping online will ideally be more. Browsing through physical stores can be very tiring and demanding beyond a point, while all it takes for online browsing is a click of the mouse – making it a more convenient option.

With the wide range of products available in such online stores, you’ll be able to look through products that are similar to the one that you have your eye on, to analyze the better option, and to make sure that the product you choose is indeed the right one for you.

Easier To Compare Products

While buying your gadgets online, you’ll find it easier to compare different products as most stores come with a ‘Compare’ option. Even if there’s no specific option, the specifications will always be there for you to look into, so you can list them out and compare the gadgets that you like to figure out which is the best one.

Nothing Is Ever ‘Out Of Stock’

Traditional stores face common constraints like inept sales staff and dwindling stock, which can drive you up the wall or affect your pre-planned decision.

With online shopping, though, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying (thanks to the detailed descriptions) and if there’s no stock in one website, you can quickly move to the next website in the span of minutes. This way, you can ensure that you get exactly what you want, without settling for the second best option that you’ve been forced to buy.

You Get The Best Deals

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re sure to know that online is where the best deals are.

There’s stiff competition online among stores to attract customers, and this often translates to massive discounts on the prices of gadgets. By shopping online, you can save money by choosing the best deal that you find in any legitimate and trustworthy store. What’s more, there are deals and electronics coupons from Flipkart and Yebhi that you can avail to get good discounts on your electronic purchases as well.

It’s Convenient and Comfortable

One of the key highlights of online shopping is the convenience factor. You can shop from the comfort of your home, without facing the traffic and losing time on commute – so your other tasks are never affected. Plus, the payment options available online are many, ranging from credit/debit card purchases to the Cash On Delivery option. You can pick the mode of payment that’s most convenient for you and stick to it!

With so many benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t shop for your gadgets online. Stick to websites that you can trust, and you’ll find the right products for yourself!