Buy shoes from single brand or multi brand websites?

Online shopping has taken off in a big way, thanks to the e-commerce boom and the rise of trusted companies that are attracting customers through excellent service and sizeable discounts.

Over the past year, there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of multi-brand ecommerce websites, creating a stage of intense competition. And understandably, customers are now spoilt for choice, with so many websites offering similar products and with brands launching their own online stores as well.

Shoes are one of the top commodities sold online, and while searching for the right pair of shoes, you may face a common dilemma – should you buy the shoes from the brand website or from a retailer’s website?

Buying Shoes From Multi Brand versus Official Sites

Although getting the shoes that you desire right from the manufacturer’s website might seem to be the better option, the advantages of buying the product from a retail store are many.

The one main advantage that brand-owned sites like the Nike and Puma online stores come with is assured quality. Since the product is being delivered by the brand with no middlemen involved, you can be doubly assured of its quality.

Puma website

However, multi brand stores like Myntra, Yebhi, and Jabong offer many other advantages, some of which have been given below.

A Platform To Compare

Multi brand websites like Myntra naturally house more shoe models than brand websites do, and this can provide some perspective on the model that you’re buying. While shopping in a multi brand website, you’ll find it easier to zero in on similar shoes from other brands, and this can help you compare their features and objectively decided on the best product among the two.

This way, shopping from a multi brand website can help you make an informed buying decision.

Availability Of Older Models

Most brand websites feature the recent models of their products, and older products are swiftly removed and replaced once they are out of stock. The shoe model that you’re specifically looking for might not be featured if it’s an older one.

Multi-brand websites stock up on most products, so there’s a greater chance that you’ll find the shoes of your choice in a multi brand website.

Bigger Discounts On The Purchase

Traditionally, multi brand websites retain customers mainly through their coupons and discounts, like Myntra, Yebhi or Jabong.

Myntra website

For this reason, the product of your choice is more likely to be available at a cheaper rate in a multi brand website, when compared to the single brand website, where the discounts are likely to be fewer. This is a key reason why most customers prefer to shop in retail stores – as the more products they buy, the bigger the overall discount is likely to be.

These are the main advantages of buying shoes from a multi brand website, rather than the official website. Ultimately, your requirements in terms of quality and pricing should help you make the decision.

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