Buy Books Like A Boss Through These Book Stores Online

Remember the days when you’d rush to a bookstore to pre-book a recent release for yourself? Well, those days are long past as buying books just got a whole lot easier. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can buy the books that you want through a single click of the mouse!

Bookworms from across the country have started embracing online stores, where they can get the latest releases delivered to their doorstep in just a matter of days. Not sure of where to pick up the books of your choice? We’ve rounded up three of the best websites where you can get your hands on the most recent releases, and here they are.

Book Stores Online That You Should Try



The website that started the ecommerce revolution in India, Flipkart is still the preferred destination for many when it comes to books. Flipkart’s popularity in the books segment can be attributed to the store’s extensive collection, great packaging and efficient delivery. The books in Flipkart are categorized into Fiction and Non Fiction, with subcategories like Biographies, Comics & Graphic Novels, Literature & Fiction, and History & Politics.

If you’re searching specifically for academic books, you’ll find a good collection of those as well. You can choose from multiple payment options including Cash-On-Delivery, and use deals on Flipkart to get some great discounts.



Crossword is a name that is synonymous with books, and the entire website is dedicated to books from across multiple categories. You can buy the books of your choice or even explore what’s hot and popular at any given point of time. The books at Crossword are divided across categories like Art, Fiction, Kids Fiction, Health & Fitness, Cooking, Family & Relationships, Religion, Travel, Social Science and more.

There are distinct sections for New Releases, Best Sellers, Box Sets, and Business Books, so you can easily browse through and select the books that you’re interested in. Add free shipping and discounts in the form of Crossword coupons, and you have a winner!


Landmark has a broad catalogue that spans cameras, movies, music, and mobiles, but their books section is particularly stocked extensively. In this online store, you can browse through New Releases in English, Hindi and Tamil, single out the bestsellers, and even look up books written by Indian writers. The website has dedicated sections for Computer books, Comics & Graphic Novels, Autobiographies & Biographies, and books on Business and Economics.

If you’re looking to pick up a particular book, you can search for it by title, author, or ISBN number. The store offers free home delivery and a Cash-On-Delivery option, and you can use Landmark coupons for cost effective shopping as well.

Thanks to these book stores online, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any popular books again. With the right discount coupons in hand, you can even start building your book collection.

What’s your favorite online book store? Let us know through a comment below!

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